Our Initiatives

cj3 advocacy

The CJ3 Foundation provides advocacy services at no cost to the wounded/disabled American Heroes we support. The CJ3 Foundation advocates on behalf of our Recipients to receive assistance they need/require. This advocacy centers on providing Recipients with referrals for services or support to other organizations/agencies established to adequately address/help with specific Recipient issues/needs. The CJ3 Foundation works as an interlocutor for and with other VSO's and non-profits who have like goals in order to assist Veterans in need. The CJ3 Foundation also works to influence changes in policy and legislation that adversely affects our Wounded/Disabled U.S. Military Service Member/Veteran, Law Enforcement, Firefighter, and Emergency/First Responder brothers and sisters. The CJ3 Foundation provides a forum to formalize our advocacy efforts for these groups on issues of concern; whether it is a policy change or legislative change required. The CJ3 Foundation builds upon this by engaging legislators and their staff to advocate for changes in policy and legislation that adversely affects our constituents. Finally, the CJ3 Foundation also partners with hunting, fishing, and other recreational type groups to provide much needed rest and relaxation activities to our Recipients and their families.

CJ3 mental health & welness

The CJ3 Foundation provides mental health and wellness services at no cost to the wounded/disabled American Heroes we support through intensive therapy sessions focusing on holistic and integrative approaches towards optimal health of the whole system: mind, body, and spirit. The CJ3 Mental Health & Wellness Initiative is operated in concert between the CJ3 Foundation and Dr. Rebecca A. Thomas, PsyD, a licensed clinical Psychologist in Albia, IA and partner to the CJ3 Foundation. Dr. Thomas is a compassionate, professional, and specialist who has been conducting holistic and integrative approaches for many years. Dr. Thomas leads the CJ3 Mental Health & Wellness effort whereby other holistic health professionals come together in support of healing our heroes. We are not making claims that we will ‘fix him/her’ or ‘heal him/her’. What we are offering are some essential tools that will get the Recipients on the road toward wholeness and recovery. We are providing the Recipients with additional “tools for their toolbox”; additional “gear for their rucksacks”!

cj3 service dogs

The CJ3 Foundation, working with contracted trainers/kennels, provides certified, trained, service dogs of the highest quality at no cost to wounded/disabled American Heroes in order to help restore their physical and emotional independence, thereby empowering these wounded men/women to return to life with dignity and independence. The CJ3 Foundation contracted trainers/kennels specialize in the sourcing and training of social, highly trained service dogs selected and trained to meet the specific needs of each of our CJ3 Recipients. These contracted trainers/kennels specialize in a wide range of dog training services (protection training, obedience, board & train, detection, facility dogs, tracking, and dogs to assist with disabilities). The service dogs directly enable our Recipients to overcome physical and/or mental impairments that substantially limits one or more major life activities. Recipients of our service dogs are ultimately able to return to their communities with a new “leash” on life as productive citizens who make a positive difference.